Common Reasons You Miss Out on Job Opportunities

Posted by | March 28, 2017 | Advice

We’ve all been there, we sit in interviews, pour our hearts out and are certain we got the job, then…never get a call back. Don’t feel dismayed, this is a regular occurrence because of some common mistakes we make on a daily basis.

Here are a few points to help you avoid these pitfalls:

  1. Network to get the job: Don’t be afraid to work the floor if you know a friend our two in the establishment to which you’re applying. Knowing someone that’s already “on the inside” can help give your application a boost.
  2. Forgetting to tell the Employer the whole point of your application: we tend to clutter our resume with education, work experience, hobbies, and-the-like, but completely forget to ensure that our work experience actually matches the job we’re applying for. Each application MUST be tailored to the specific job that you’re CURRENTLY applying for. This way, you clearly reflect that you’re the best person for the job simply because you meet all their requirements, and more! Just as a website needs good keywords to be found on the worl wide web, so too must we strategically place keywords within our resume that reflects the unique skills you possess.
  3. Your resume isn’t legible: Don’t try to fit all your information onto one page. Space out your words appropriately and use a simple font that’s not too small.
  4. Don’t forget your measurable accomplishments: Though your responsibilities give a good view of you on paper, it’s always best to utilize numbers and show a potential employer just what sets you apart from the others. Don’t be afraid to illustrate in numbers just how much you’ve increased revenue for your past employer, or how many employees you’ve successfully recruited. You need to emphasize the value you bring to the organization!
  5. Don’t reference jobs held for only a few months: This gives the impression of instability. Of course, don’t hide your start and end dates if your potential employer inquires about any gaps in your employement history during the interview.
  6. Always use a professional email address: I believe this speaks for itself. Don’t be surprised when [email protected] doesn’t get a call back. You may even consider opening an email account just to conduct your job search to provide a professional front.
  7. You forgot to say “thank you”: Most people tend to say “thank you” after they’ve landed the position, but a little courtesy goes a long way. It adds a touch of class to your application and shows potential employers what they can possibly expect in the customer service arena. Even if you don’t land the job, a little “thank you” note will go along way with getting your foot in the door for future vacancies.

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