Writing a Winning Résumé

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Many times, employers receive hundreds of resumes in response to advertised positions. But, how can you be sure that your resume will stand out from the crowd? Here are a few tips to help you secure your next job interview:

  1. Formatting counts
    As much as you can, try to turn in a type-written resume. At first look, your resume can either intrigue the employer or immediately make them put it away. Try to review for spelling, appropriate grammar, missing words and typing mistakes before hitting send or print. A clean envelope, lots of open space, a clear font and coherent sentences will also entice the employer to continue reading.
  2. Contact information
    Don’t hold back information. In this era with messaging, email, cell phones and the like, there is absolutely no reason to make contacting you difficult. Still, many job application letters make it to prospective employers with only a return address and/or home telephone number – and half the time, you’re not even home. Try to avoid frustrating an employer with trying to reach you.
  3. Customize an “objective” for each specific job application
    An objective should clearly connect your skills, experience, traits and job requirements with those specific to the job applied for.
  4. Make sure your résumé includes a section specific to your qualifications and past work experience
    Be sure to emphasize your most important career experiences, job-related training, personality traits, characteristics, and skills and accomplishments pertinent to the job to which you’re applying.
  5. Clearly list all previous work experience
    Clearly and briefly state exactly what you did for each company in chronological order. Don’t make the employer “search” for information.
  6. Education statements matter
    State specific dates of attendance, major, minors, degrees, and certificates received. Don’t make the employer have to guess whether you have a diploma or not.
  7. Include a section that clearly lists awards and other recognition received throughout your career
    This catches the eye of the employer faster than a résumé that doesn’t contain this section, as this shows the employer that you are a well-rounded employee.
  8. Remember to attach letters of recommendation from past employers
    Previous employers/supervisors are your safest bet when trying to secure employment, as they are the ones who know your performance better than anyone else.

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