Recruiting the Right Employee for the Job

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Recruitment is a very expensive and time-consuming process.  This is why it is wise to begin only after you’ve assessed your needs, identified your requirements and established a plan of action.

Here are a few things to take into consideration when your next recruitment arises.

Assess your requirements.  When advertising a vacancy, be specific.  Don’t limit the duties of the position with only immediate requirements, think ahead and make sure you include any future duties that tie into your business growth.  Separate the skills and abilities that are essential from those that are desirable.

Find Prospective Employees.  It is common practice to advertise in the local newspapers.  But, with the evolution of technology, you can now post your vacancies on a local job portal like, or even on your business’ social networking pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like.  Utilizing these obvious options will save you valuable time and money.

If you choose to advertise in local press, assess who reads the publication and see if they match your target candidate.  Just remember that internet-based portals and social networks may reach a far wider audience.  In the end, your announcement must be concise to ensure that you won’t waste time receiving CVs and calls from candidates who are over or under qualified for the position.

Filtering Through Applications.  In an effort to save time, it is probably best to review your applications and make personal notes on each as you receive them.  This saves time and allows you to get right into the interview process.  Call interviews with those candidates who successfully meet all of your requirements.

Interviewing.  Once you’ve shortlisted and called in your candidates, it’s time to start interviewing.  This is your opportunity to find out more about these candidates.  You already know most of their employment history from their CV, so ask questions about their personality, their interests, hobbies, work ethic, etc.  These types of questions will give you a better idea about the candidate and to decide if they are right for your business.  If you are undecided between candidates, feel free to invite them back for a second round of interviews.

Do your homework.  Be sure to conduct reference checks on your selected candidate.  Ask previous employers about their time-keeping, work ethic and how well they worked as part of a team.

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